Chester had an unplanned trip to visit the vet yesterday.  Well – it was planned that morning, but I hadn’t been planning on taking him there until next spring when his yearly exam would be done.

On Sunday morning, his eyes were both red, watery and discharging gunk.  His left eye was a little worse than the right – but both were bad. He had his eyes 1/2 closed most of the time also.  I had to work on Sunday and our regular vet’s office is closed anyway, so I decided that if it wasn’t better by next morning, I would get him in there then.  His eyes weren’t any better, so I made an appointment for him for later in the afternoon.

I then phoned my boss and let her know what was happening.  I asked if I could come in a bit earlier and skip my breaks so I could leave early to get him to his appointment.  She didn’t have a problem with that – so that is what I did.

We went for our walks to and along the Red River both days and he managed to have his eyes open enough to look for bunnies.  I can’t see his eyes when we walk, since he is ahead of me, so I suspect he was still looking through 1/2 closed eyes.  He just wasn’t going to let that stop his hunt.  Unfortunately, no bunnies.

Chester and I got to his appointment right on time and were put in the exam room.  He was still keeping his eyes 1/2 (or more) closed and the vet agreed that they looked painful.   It is hard to say what caused it, but she ruled out a couple of things by putting a fluorescent dye in his eyes and then prescribed some eye drops.  The first 3 days, he gets 1 or 2 drops 3 times a day and then for the rest of the week, he gets them twice a day.

After the first drops given in the office, he seemed to feel a bit better and by later in the evening, he was opening them more already.  They still didn’t look great, but he got more drops at bedtime and will get more again this morning before I leave for work.  It took awhile to pry his eyes open to get the drops in last night and even though they are obviously helping, I’m sure he will fight them each time.

This morning, his eyes are wide open and although he still has discharge (still cloudy, but not green), they look much better and are wide open.

I’ve got 2 pictures – one taken last night after the eyes were wiped clean and after the 2nd eye drops and the other one was taken this morning, before the gunk was wiped away and before the next drops.  Although today’s picture looks yucky with the eye gunk (do you like my medical terminology?) still there, I can see a bit of the white under one eye and that was very red before – so its nice to see the progress already.

Chester Eyes - Aug 19
Chester Eyes – Aug 19
Chester Eyes - Aug 20
Chester Eyes – Aug 20

If you are interested, the eye drops that he is getting is Maxitrol.

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  1. Good to see that he’s getting that quickly! What a gorgeous looking dear companion. A pat and hug for Chester! 🙂
    Greetings from the Rhine Valley


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