Tree Pruning and Chester

As I’ve mentioned before, I look after the pruning of all the small trees and bushes in my yard (Hawthorne, Mountain Ash, Lilac, Plum, Honeysuckle. Spruce and a couple of ones I’ve forgotten the names of).  The large trees (Elms, Oaks and Ashes) have been neglected.

Several years ago I got a quote on pruning them all and it was way more than I could afford, so I didn’t have it done.  All these trees have dead branches and I can’t ignore them any longer.  I know the cost will be higher now, but I was hoping to find someone who could set up a schedule to do 1 or 2 per year.

The first 4 companies I contacted did not return my call.  The 5th company returned my call and set an appointment to come to give me an estimate on Tuesday night.  He called back on Monday to say he wouldn’t be able to make that, but could come Monday night or later on Tuesday.  So – he came on Monday, went through the yard with me looking at the trees and then said this was much too large a job and he would contact someone he knows that should be able to handle it.

He gave me his business card which says landscaping and maintenance, but his ad on Kijiji said licensed arborist  also.  I am wondering if his tree services are more along the line of the small tree and bush pruning (which I can look after myself).  I hope the guy he brings is also licensed and insured – one of my Elms is really huge, and that is the tree I want looked after first.

The Elm
The Elm

I couldn’t get the whole tree in the picture when standing right against my fence at the back of the yard.

Chester Eye Aug 21
Chester Eye Aug 21

Chester wasn’t happy with me making him stop inside the gate on our way to our walk this morning to take a picture of his eye – LOL.  This is his left eye, which was the worst of the 2 and it is looking pretty good this morning.  There was just a tiny bit of discharge, but it was clear.  He had not had this morning’s drops yet at this time.

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  1. Good luck with your pruning. Hope Chester’s eyes are now getting better. Spotty was unwell recently and it turned out to be stress, luckil not her heart. All due to workmen around. back to herself now.


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