Tree Story

Amazingly enough I have more branches piled up to dispose of.  I went out with my little saw and a ladder yesterday to get some of the branches a little higher up on a couple of my trees.

Pile of Branches Aug 22
Pile of Branches Aug 22

I got some larger dead branches from my Plum Tree and my Mountain Ash Tree, as well as taking  more of the trunk off the Manitoba Maple beside the shed.

The search for someone to prune my large trees still continues.  Jeffrey who I tried to leave a message a few days ago (but his voice mailbox was full), answered his phone when I called him back and he said that if he didn’t get here to give me an estimate by yesterday, he would contact me in mid September when he returns.  He did tell me that for my large Elm, the cost should be somewhere in the range of $500 – $750 – but that is without looking at it.  It gives me an idea though.

Guy, who I called after getting a recommendation from a friend, called me back and he told me he doesn’t do the large trees and gave me the name and phone number of someone who did (John).  I called John, but he doesn’t do work int he city, so he gave me the name of someone who did (Glen), so I called him.

Glen called me back this morning and he will come by to take a look when he is in the area.  I told him what trees I have and where they are and he said I don’t have to be here when he comes.  He will leave a quote in my mailbox, but he said it would cost less if they do it all at once – or at least all the front trees on one day and all the back trees on another day.

Figuring it out at a minimum of $500 per tree (2 Elms, 2 Ashes & 3 Oaks) that comes to $3,500.00 + tax.

I am pretty sure that way back when I had an estimate before, that company was going to charge double for 2 of the trees because they were double trunk and therefore could have been 2 different trees for each one that had grown together at the base.  Those were my big Elm and one of the Ash trees.  If Glen estimates the same way, that would add 2 more trees or $1,000. to the price if going with that minimum rate of $500. per tree.  More to come as the story unfolds.  🙂

Chester’s eyes are back to normal, but I am continuing the eye drops as prescribed for the balance of the week.

The joys of home ownership!  I think I need some Africam time – see you there.