Tree Story 2

Had some nice quick service from Main Branch Tree Service, which is the last company I talked to yesterday morning.  Steve arrived later the same morning to give me an estimate.

They can not reach 2 1/2 of the trees in my yard, and gave an estimate for the other 4 1/2 trees.  The impossible to reach trees are the 2 Oaks in the back yard and the back side of the large Elm – also in the back yard.  It will be less than 1/2 of that Elm that they can reach also, but they should be able to get the branches off the roof and wires and some of the dead branches that have to be removed.  He just called that a multi branch Elm and not 2 Elms.

The Elm at the lane in the back is reachable but being on its own, requires a separate set-up of the truck, so I’ve decided to leave that one for now.   The price isn’t bad for it, but since they have to set the truck up in the front yard to do the Elm close to the house and they can do the Oak and Ash in the front at the same setup, I’ve decided to hire them for the one Oak, the 2 Ashes (and he called it 2 and not 3), along with whatever they can reach of the Elm.

He also gave me the name and phone number for a climber who would be able to do the Oaks and the rest of the Elm.

A couple of nice things is that this will all be done on one day and the price of the 3 1/2 trees comes to just under $1,000. including tax.  They will also clean up when they’re finished.   We haven’t set up a day yet – I have been placed on the list as they have about 3 weeks work scheduled.  They set the dates once it gets a little closer.

There will (of course) be a further report once the work is done!  😉

Ash Tree #2
Ash Tree #2
Oak Tree
Oak Tree
Ash Tree  #1
Ash Tree #1
Chester - Aug 23
Chester – Aug 23

I can’t take any pictures in the yard and not get at least one of Chester.  Have a great day everyone.

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