Bunny Hunt (no bunnies were hurt)

As I knew would happen, it is now getting too dark to get pictures when Chester and I head out for our walks along the Red River in the morning.  Sunrise pictures are still possible, if it isn’t too cloudy for the sun to show itself, but this morning, there was no sign of the… Continue reading Bunny Hunt (no bunnies were hurt)

Canada Geese

When I went to Oak Hammock Marsh on Friday, I managed to get a few pictures of some Canada Geese out in one of the fields.  None of the pictures are great because there were some tall grasses/weeds between the road where I was and the field where the geese were, but I do like… Continue reading Canada Geese

Great Egret

Yesterday, I drove over to Oak Hammock Marsh to see the Canada Geese.  I did see some geese, but the Great Egret on the water’s edge of their lake was what I concentrated on.  One Canada Goose did sneak into a couple of pictures. Such a beautiful bird and what a nice surprise to find.… Continue reading Great Egret

It’s Here

I know fall or autumn was officially here  a few days ago (according to the calendar), but now the leaves are showing that it really is here. It was a chilly (9C) walk to and along the Red River with Chester this morning – but it does look pretty with the leaves changing – even… Continue reading It’s Here

Surprise on Our Walk

Chester and I were not seeing much of interest on our walk yesterday.  The sunrise wasn’t very interesting, although the water was very colourful.  I was looking towards the construction, but nothing much had changed there when suddenly I saw a deer down by the water.  She came out from behind a bush, bounding along,… Continue reading Surprise on Our Walk


On Monday morning, there was a little bit of colour around the sunrise – but more colour looking west than east.  I thought that seemed a little different, so I snapped a picture.  On Tuesday morning, the sunrise colours were around the sunrise, as it normally appears, so I got a couple of pictures then. … Continue reading Sunrise


I thought it was time I took some pictures of my boy Chester again.  🙂 That tail just doesn’t stop. We spent a bit of time in the yard on Saturday, since it was nice and sunny.  It wasn’t warm, but warmer than it will be in a couple of months for sure. The leaves… Continue reading Chester

Bush in a Bag

Many years ago when I bought this house, there was a bush inside the back yard growing there.  I really liked this bush, so when I moved the fence to make room for more parking about 12 years ago, the bush remained, even though it was now outside the fence. I have been thinking about… Continue reading Bush in a Bag

Geese on the Red River

There were some Canada Geese resting on the Red River when Chester and I went for our walk yesterday morning.  The sun was just coming up so some of the pictures aren’t as clear or focused as I would like, but I really liked the colour from the sun on the water – so I… Continue reading Geese on the Red River

Flowers and Construction

Tomorrow is officially the first day of autumn here, but it is already feeling like it is now.  It was a chilly 7C when Chester and I went for our walk with a high of only 14C predicted for this afternoon.  The geese are flocking in preparation for their flight south and the one Robin… Continue reading Flowers and Construction