Elvis and the Las Vegas Hangover

My friends and I went to Celebrations Dinner Theatre on Sunday to see the show Elvis and the Las Vegas Hangover.

I always enjoy the show and the food is great.  The waiters and waitresses get into the act as well, making it a very enjoyable evening.

Elvis and the Las Vegas Hangover was no exception – other than it was even better than usual.  The show was extremely well done with lots of comedy thrown in.  The music was great as always, as was the food and we had a wonderful time.

The only problem was that a lady seated in front of us had an incident near the end of the show and had to be taken out in an ambulance.  It appeared that she hit her head on the table and it was quite a bang that was heard everywhere in the room.  The staff were great – attending to her needs while the show continued on.  I hope she is ok, but it is unlikely that we will hear anything about it again.

If you haven’t gone to see this yet, it is still playing in Winnipeg until October 12, 2013 and may still be coming to a city near you.

Elvis and the Las Vegas Hangover
Elvis and the Las Vegas Hangover