Different View

Due to the city finally starting the road construction, and them blocking my path along with the road on my usual walk, Chester and I changed directions yesterday.  This found us walking into the sunrise, instead of having it at our backs as we walk the other way.

Since the sunrise is getting later, but isn’t over the river yet, this is one that I wouldn’t have seen without the change of direction.

Sunrise - Sept 5
Sunrise – Sept 5

Usually my pictures of the sunrise that is not over the river shows more wires and poles – but by walking towards it, I was able to take the picture and not show those.

Our heat and humidity has returned and with that is the threat of thunderstorms most evenings again.  It is always a guessing game as to whether to water the lawn and flowers or not.  An 80% chance of thunderstorms does not guarantee that it will rain.  Last time I watered – it rained, but I watered last night and it didn’t rain this time.  The ground is very dry.