The Road Home

The road home from work lately has been full of construction delays and detours.  I live very close to work – with it being about a 5 minute drive there and about a 7 minute drive home.  The drive there is all right turns and the drive home is all left turns.

Since the construction started, the time to drive to work hasn’t changed, but the drive home has been more like 20 minutes.  The problem is that my last left turn is not possible.  That means I have to take a right turn, followed by 3 left turns so that I can go straight where I usually make that left turn.

I just realized that this isn’t going to make much sense, so I put all my artistic skills to use and drew a very rough map.  Good luck following it.  🙂  Please note this is not drawn to scale but it gives an idea of what I mean.

The Route Home
The Route Home

The green arrows show my usual route home – just the last left turn, which is where the problem is.  The purple arrows show where I’ve had to go for the last few weeks due to the construction.  It doesn’t look like it should cause a 13 minute delay, but there is a lot of traffic trying to turn left, where I want to go straight and I have to wait until I get to the front of the line to continue.

On Wednesday traffic was backed up several blocks and I had to turn off the main route about 4 blocks before where I normally turn off and I the red arrows show that route.  I went further when I turned right, much further after the first left turn so that I was past the construction completely when I headed back my direction.  The blue dot is approximately where I live but closer to the green route than what I have here.  I did not turn left where I past the road where my purple route has been taking me because I could see that it was backed up a lot there. It took me over 30 minutes to get home.

There was one other day last week when I was following my purple route, only to find out that my last left turn there was blocked off and I had to quickly adjust.  I won’t even attempt to add that route onto this map but I did finally make it home.

I know some people have 1/2 hour or even longer commutes to and from work regularly – but I’m not used to this.  Anyway, I guess I’ll see what awaits me on my next work day.

3 thoughts on “The Road Home

  1. Oh dear. I do feel you. Mommy is the same – no lights on a good day and she is at work via the Smart car in about 10 minutes max. Getting home about 15 minutes usually. They’ve been doing road work as well. Wednesday, it took her almost 30 minutes to get home – I thought I was going to starve! My pot belly was rumbling something wicked waiting for dinner. You know I have to ask. Why don’t they finish ONE road before they start another project? It seems like they never do here and road work is continuing forever! XOXO – Bacon


    1. Oh Bacon – I’m sure glad you didn’t starve. I hope your Mommy leaves extra food for you before she leaves from now on so you can survive a little longer just in case it happens again. Chester sends a big sloppy kiss. 🙂


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