Bunny Hunt (no bunnies were hurt)

As I knew would happen, it is now getting too dark to get pictures when Chester and I head out for our walks along the Red River in the morning.  Sunrise pictures are still possible, if it isn’t too cloudy for the sun to show itself, but this morning, there was no sign of the sky getting brighter behind the dark clouds.

This time of day seems to be great for bunny spotting and stalking though.  Chester was in his glory with bunnies everywhere.  Of course it was too dark to take pictures of them either, but he doesn’t mind if I don’t stop for pictures.

Chester - Sept 30
Chester – Sept 30

After we got back home and inside, I took a picture of Chester.

Now, it is time for breakfast at Howwa’s Boma Cafe on Africam.  See you there.