Chester and Nutrience

Many of you know Chester’s story, since I write about him often.  To give a quick rundown, he came to me after being dropped off at a rescue at 7 months of age and has been with me since then.  Now, he is 10 years old.  He started having seizures 2 years ago and after… Continue reading Chester and Nutrience

Construction Continues

The road construction on the bank beside the road along the Red River continues.  Because of the cyst/lump on Chester’s leg, we haven’t been walking down there every day and since it is dark when we walk now anyway, we haven’t seen much. I did take a couple of pictures on Saturday morning though.  The… Continue reading Construction Continues

A Lump

The other day when Chester and I were walking along the Red River, I noticed that his right rear foot had kind of a wobble when he walked.  I had never noticed this before – but we were walking later than normal and it was light out that morning and I could see better, so… Continue reading A Lump

Rowers in the Mist

Last weekend while Chester and I were walking a little later than my usual work day, I saw a couple of rowers across the Red River, rowing in the Mist.  I snapped 2 pictures – slightly different because they were moving and I like them both.  I think I kind of like the 1st picture… Continue reading Rowers in the Mist

Mushroom and Bunny

One of the big old Elm Trees that I lost several years ago to Dutch Elm Disease continues to grow different looking mushrooms on its stump every year. As an added bonus with this picture, you can count the rings on the stump to find out how old this tree was when it was cut… Continue reading Mushroom and Bunny

Fluffy Stuff

Quite a few of my friends know someone who likes to take pictures of this kind of fluffy stuff.  If you know him – you know who I mean.  🙂 His pictures are more artsy than mine are – but it is still fluffy stuff.  I found it (where else?) on the banks of the… Continue reading Fluffy Stuff


So far my flowers are still hanging in.  The temperature has been dipping to 0C and I doubt if they are still growing, but they haven’t given up flowering yet.  The cover of leaves they have may be protecting them somewhat.  I think being against the house also helps. Most of our summer birds have… Continue reading Flowers