The Construction

I have no idea what the work on the bank of the Red River has to do with the road above it, but things seem to be moving along (whatever it is they are doing).  I could see yesterday that they have dug the road out and are preparing to fix that while the work is still going on down below by the river.  I got a different angle and closer look at the tall “whatever it is” that is working down there.  I fully intended on asking a worker what it was if I saw any while out for the afternoon walk with Chester – but I didn’t see any except at a distance.

Road Under Repair
Road Under Repair
Different Angle, but I still don't know what this does.
Different Angle, but I still don’t know what this does.

There are a lot of ropes and pulleys on that thing and one of these days, I’ll find a worker nearby who can tell me what is going on.  🙂