Time Flies When You’re Having Fun

It really is true – time sure does fly.  Here we are at the end of November already and Christmas, followed by another new year, is coming up very quickly again.  It is amazing how much quicker the hours, days, months and years go by now compared to how slowly they went by when I… Continue reading Time Flies When You’re Having Fun

Winter Wonderland

Whether we like it or not, it is now winter here in Winterpeg.  It was minus twenty something when Chester and I went for our walk along the Red  River – but the sun was shining brightly since we walked a little later than usual.  Yesterday we walked later – but not this late and… Continue reading Winter Wonderland

It’s Still Here

The snow and ice are still here, so it looks like the winter has officially started.  The temperature is supposed to get above zero today, but the ground is frozen and I don`t think it won’t get warm enough to melt it all. I took a couple of pictures of the Red River in the… Continue reading It’s Still Here

What’s That on the Ground?

Every year about this time we get this cold white stuff that covers the ground and here it is again.  Coming at this time of year it might stay until spring – or it might go away (only to come back another day).  I’ve been requesting that it wait until December to stay, but sometimes… Continue reading What’s That on the Ground?

The Sun and the Ice

Yesterday when Chester and I went for our walk along the Red River, we took a couple of pictures of the sun rise and the ice forming on the river, as well as the results of the construction pictures I posted yesterday.  The ice is definitely thicker and may support some birds on it now… Continue reading The Sun and the Ice

Is It Finished?

The road construction appears to have ended, but I don’t know if it is finished or not.  They have removed the barricades and left the scene, so I assume this is how they are leaving the site.  The street has been repaired and looks fine, but the riverbank is another story. A section of the… Continue reading Is It Finished?

That Road Construction

I got a couple more pictures of the construction near my house when Chester and I walked on the weekend.  They seem to be pretty much finished, but I haven’t seen much change over the last few days.  The riverbank area does not look finished, but they have put the fence back up so they… Continue reading That Road Construction

Get Your Skates Out

Ice has started for form on the Red River. Once this very thin layer starts, it will not be long before it is thick enough for a bird to walk on and from then on – it only gets thicker. Chester and I took our walk along the Red River after the sun has just… Continue reading Get Your Skates Out


My blog has sure been hit with a lot of spammers in the last couple of weeks.  On the last few days there are more spammers than viewers.  None of them ever make it onto my page because Word Press has Akismet, which is a wonderful spam control system that rarely lets anything by. I… Continue reading Spammers

First Aid Training

As employees of the Y in Winnipeg, all staff are required to have first aid and CPR training and every 2 years we are required to attend a re-certification training.  Yesterday was my day for the re-cert. After being employed there for several years, I have had this training and re-certification several times, but there… Continue reading First Aid Training