South of the Border

Yesterday, I decided I was going to head across the border to get some tea.  Not just any tea, but a Chai Latte made by Cafe Escapes for a Keurig coffee maker.

Months ago I had been to Grand Forks for the day and picked up a box of Chai Latte.  It is delicious and I have been looking for it in Winnipeg without any success.  I could find other Cafe Escapes products, but never the Chai Latte and the places I have ordered online (both and keurig itself) do not carry it either.

So – I decided I was heading down there to get some.  I left early on Friday morning, stopping to pick up some breakfast at Burger King and was on my way.  It takes about an hour to get to the border and then another hour to get to Grand Forks so it is an easy day trip, even though you are supposed to stay there for at least 24 hours to bring goods back into Canada.  They don’t normally bother with groceries though, so this is my normal method of shopping in the U.S.  They probably should be charging the GST on groceries, since there isn’t any duty to be charged on them – but for a few dollars worth of groceries, it really isn’t worth their time to pull anyone over for that.

I had a beautiful sunrise to my left on the way down.  I didn’t have my camera with me and my phone just wouldn’t have done justice to the view, so I have no pictures of that.

I no longer wear a watch, so my phone is my time keeper, but it thought that we had passed into a different time zone when we crossed the border.  It had home time on the left and roaming time on the right and the roaming time was one hour earlier.  I don’t remember it doing that on my last trip down there – so it must have something to do with the time change this weekend.  The U.S. changes time when we do tonight though so they would have had the same time as we do.

I first checked prices at Target, then went into a grocery store (not sure of the name) and then over to WalMart.  Target had slightly better prices on most items, and I picked up a few things at WalMart that were better there.  On the way back to Target I went into PetCo to see if I could find grain free cat food for my daughter’s fussy cat and then I headed back to Target to get the bulk of items.  I ended up with 6 boxes of my tea, a few frozen meals for lunches, some candies, cereal and 12 cans of cat food.

Halloween goodies were on sale there as I am sure they were back here in Winnipeg, but I didn’t need or want any of that.

Then it was time for lunch at McDonalds (they have the McRib there) and I left for home just before 3pm, stopping for gas near the border.

Border crossings were quick and easy both directions and I was home by about 5:00 pm.  For Chester, it would have been a normal day, since I left at about the time I normally leave for work and I returned at about the time I normally return home from work.

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