Up On The Ladder

Yesterday it was time to climb the ladder and get the leaves out of the eaves/gutters around the house.  Most of the leaves have fallen from the trees, but I am sure there will be more even after the snow falls.

I have 4 separate areas which require hauling the ladder around, setting it up and moving it along that area until I can run the hose and clear out the downspouts.

There is the back porch with a fairly short area (about 12 feet) to look after.

There is the sun room with about 15 feet to clean.

The front of the house has about 25 feet with a 90 degree turn and part of that on requires that I put the ladder on the steps to reach it.

The north side of the house is the full length of the house and is higher than the rest of the eaves.

The nice things is that the 2 more difficult areas (front and north side) have already been taken care of.  New eaves were installed in the front with cover guards that prevent any leaves getting into them and the north side is being looked after by my neighbour John.  In order for me to look after the north side, I had to haul my ladder into John’s yard, so a few years ago, he said he would look after it.

I have some flimsy gutter guards on the sunroom eaves, but they don’t really stop most of the leaves and dirt and the last time I cleaned it up and put it back on again, it blew off.  I think I will have the same cover guards installed there as I now have in the front.

It was a nice day yesterday and with only the 2 smaller stretches of eaves to clean, I was done in no time.

Chester - Nov 2
Chester – Nov 2
Chester - Nov 2
Chester – Nov 2

Chester was his usual big help, catches leaves as I threw them down and greeting me each time I got off the ladder to move it.

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