My blog has sure been hit with a lot of spammers in the last couple of weeks.  On the last few days there are more spammers than viewers.  None of them ever make it onto my page because Word Press has Akismet, which is a wonderful spam control system that rarely lets anything by.

I was under the impression that spammers will hit popular pages and that seemed to apply here until now.  When I was writing about a vacation, my readership went up and the spam went up accordingly.  Now, I have no vacations to write about – just ordinary day to day stuff, and because it is dark when Chester and I walk, I don’t take pictures and often don’t write for a few days at a time.

The spam is higher than it has ever been.  Yesterday, I had 34 views total – but Akismet caught 26 spammers while I was sleeping and another 47 before I went to bed.  This morning there were another 25 spammers and there were 13 views over night (from 8 different countries).  On a normal day before this started, I would have a maximum of about 5 spam per day (sometimes zero), while I have between 30 and 40 views and maybe 10 – 15 spam when writing about my travels when I have 70 – 100 views.

It only takes a few seconds for me to dispose of the trash, so they aren’t really a problem for me, but I don’t know if the shear numbers may end up being a problem for Akismet to handle.  If I am getting this many, then the ones with a higher readership must be getting many more, unless my little blog has been singled out by the spammers at this time.

I would like it if all the bloggers who read this page would comment and let me know if you are seeing the same jump in spammers or if you are staying about the same as usual.  Also let me know if you are on Word Press or another blog.  If you would also share your views we can see if the number of views have anything to do with the number of spammers.

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Two more spammers hit while I was writing this.

11 thoughts on “Spammers

  1. So frustrating, isn’t it? I used to check every few days, now it’s a few times a day! Thanks for expressing what I would have, only not so elequently!


        1. I guess there is always a chance that someone might click on the link and they would make a bit of money from that. I think it would be easier to actually go to work though.


      1. I know you don’t have to do much to get rid of them, but they do spoil it and I wonder what is attaching them to you !!!!!! as you say its crazy.


    1. Go ahead and set one up Karen. Its not really that much of a problem since none of them ever make it to my page because of the spam fighter Akismet. It is very rare for any of them to get past it. I just go in and look at them to make sure none of them are real comments and then I click delete.


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