Last week I found another lump/bump or whatever you want to call it on Chester.  This one is on the side of his face.  It hasn’t seemed to bother him at all and because the test on his last lump/bump was inconclusive, I thought I would just leave this for awhile and see if it started to bother him or if it changed at all.  The first one on his back leg seems to be a bit smaller now.

Then yesterday I felt another lump/bump.  This one is on his neck, on the same side as the one on his face.  I decided to phone the vet and made an appointment for this afternoon.  This one also does not seem to be bothering him at all.  He is active, playful and always looking for something to do.

At the appointment, she took samples from both of the new bumps/lumps and examined them herself.  Then she came back to see us and said that what she found was enough that she would like to send them off to the pathologist.  She said that these ones were concerning her and said that she would not charge for her exam on the samples if I would agree to send them off.  Of course, it costs more to send to the pathologist and since it is the weekend, they won’t send it until Monday, but we should get the results back by Tuesday.  At that time, she will call me and let me know what the findings are.

She did say that it could just be an infection and antibiotics might be all the is required, but she does suspect that it is more serious than that.

Here are a couple of pictures from today.  You can easily see the bump on the side of his face on both pictures.  You can also see our snow in the outside one.

Chester in the Snow - Dec 6
Chester in the Snow – Dec 6
Chester - Dec 6
Chester – Dec 6

You can’t see the 2nd lump since it is under all that fur on his neck and also under the skin.  I don’t think you could see it even if I shaved his neck.

Although I am hoping for a simple infection that antibiotics will fix, I am preparing myself for another diagnosis.

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  1. Sorry to hear about Chester’s lumps. Lets hope its a good result.
    Enjoy each moment with Chester, giving him all your love. As with Spotty I take her out on her favorite walks and often talking to her about the old days.As long as Chester is not in pain, that is good. Give him a big sloppy kiss from Spotty and me.


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