After waiting a whole week to get the results from the pathologist about Chester’s new lumps, we have another inconclusive.  No cancer cells were found, which is obviously good, but as Chester’s vet says, it is no guarantee that cancer is not there.  The sudden appearance of these lumps, especially the 2 very close together means cancer is still a possibility.

They said it could also be a reaction to a foreign object or something to do with his teeth or an infection of some kind.  His vet could not find any connection to his teeth, but that was still possible as well as the foreign object and an x-ray might be needed to rule both of those possibilities out.

For now, we will treat for infection with antibiotics and see if there is any change in a week.

I have to admit that I wasn’t thrilled that it took a whole week to get these inconclusive results.  I was told that the samples would be sent out last Monday and the results should be in by Tuesday.  I didn’t hear anything on Tuesday, so I called them on Wednesday.  At that time I was told that the results weren’t back yet and they would call me when they got them.  On Friday morning after I had still not heard anything I called again and was told that the results came in Thursday, but Chester’s vet wasn’t there, so she could not call me.  I asked if the samples were actually sent on Monday as promised, but did not get an answer to that.  I think that the samples were just sent out on Wednesday after I called, which means the results would have been received on Thursday.  The receptionist could not give me the results, so I still had to wait for the vet to call me and I finally received the call Friday evening.

I have never questioned the vet clinic we go to before and I do not plan on making a big deal out of this.  I still depend on the vet for the excellent care we have always received there, but this little doubt will hang over most communications with them from now on.

I know that the vet can tell a normal cyst from whatever Chester has in these lumps without sending the samples off to a pathologist to examine, so I know these are not the normal cysts that most dogs get as they age.  He has had one of those cysts on his back for a few years.

I just hope the antibiotic clears them up so we can avoid any further tests or expenses.  I have to admit that Chester has been very hard on my finances for the last 3 years.

Chester Dec 14
Chester Dec 14
Chester Dec 14
Chester Dec 14

I just took these 2 pictures of Chester.  He was chewing/sucking on his blanket in front of him – but looked up when I turned the camera on.  You can see the lump directly under his eye.  The other lump is under the skin on his neck directly under that.  His lip on his right side is caught on a tooth (as it often is), making it look like another lump there, but that’s just Chester.  🙂

It warmed up enough to snow today!

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  1. I am so pleased that he is ok at the moment. Our beautiful 5 year German Shepherd died 2 weeks ago of a heart attack,,,,,we were in Scotland. The saving grace was, that he was with people that he knew and they were with him. I am so glad that your beautiful Chester is fine for the moment 🙂


  2. Sorry to hear about the length of time in getting the information but happy to hear he is on antibiotics. yes our pets can be very expensive. Here in U.K the weather is very wet and windy but the temperature for time of year on the mild side almost in double figures. Not expereanced very cold weather yet.


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