Fun With Critters

Having a bunch (and a variety) of critters in the house can sometimes be entertaining.  Between my daughter and I, we have a fair number and variety of critters.  You are of course familiar with mine – Chester – the Irish Setter, Jewel – the African  Grey Parrot, Freddy – the Betta or Siamese Fighting Fish, and more (unnamed) tropical fish in an aquarium.  My daughter has Craven – the cat, 3 small reptiles (they have names, but I don’t know them) and some mice (I don’t think they have names).

A couple of days ago, Chester was very interested in something in or around the couch in the living room.  I looked, but couldn’t find anything and I moved the couch out without success either.  I asked my daughter if all her critters were accounted for and she said the reptiles were for sure, and she didn’t have time to check the mice, but they seemed to be secure.

I put a tall jar with some seeds in it near the couch when I left for work and figured that if a mouse was around, it might go in and not be able to get back out again.  There was no sign of anything in it and I left it for a couple of days without sign of any visitors.

Chester showed no interest around there again, so I figured there might just have been a crumb of food somewhere and he maybe managed to get it without me noticing.

I didn’t think anything of it again until this morning when my daughter mentioned that she thought she saw a mouse scampering across the floor out of the corner of her eye as she was heading upstairs to go to work.  Then, when I went down to do my laundry a little while ago, I know I saw a mouse running behind the washing machine.  He then stuck his nose out from under the machine to look at me.  I talked to him and he was not afraid, so is obviously one that lives here – but he wouldn’t come out enough for me to catch him.

Having a rodent loose in the house is not a big deal for me, although a lot of people would feel otherwise.  It seems I have grown up with rodents and it was not unusual for one to get out once in awhile.  Some were caught, but others were not.  I remember my Dad having to take the end off a heating pipe in the basement after a hamster went down a vent upstairs when I was a child.  Back then we made traps by putting seed in a pail with steps leading up it and caught several that way.

The same thing has continued here because my daughter has often had rodents and they do have a way of finding a way to escape.  We have fished some out of the sump pump area or caught them in a pail trap and occasionally they have avoided capture completely.  This little guy has access to Craven’s food and water and obviously Craven isn’t worried about sharing, or about catching him.

Awhile ago, she also had a snake escape and was in hiding for about a week before coming out.  She might have come out at night, but there was certainly no sign of her during the day until she was found sleeping near her habitat one morning.

If you have been following Chester’s lump story, there appears to be no change in their size after a week of antibiotics.  There is another lump though – on the right side of his body again – but on his chest.  I’m not going to take him back to have this one checked out after paying for the other inconclusive results.    I certainly do not have unlimited funds to continue paying for no results and none of them are bothering him.  He has another week of antibiotics to go and we will see how he is after that.

A Mouse
A Mouse

This is not the escapee and the picture is larger than life size  🙂  but it is a mouse and she does live in my basement.  The escapee is black.

6 thoughts on “Fun With Critters

  1. A few years ago, we had beautiful pet rats and they never bit and were so gentle 🙂 We also had a Yellow Napped Amazon and a Blue Fronted Amazon at the same time, plus 5 dogs, but that was a long time ago 🙂


      1. Yes, life would be much poorer with out them, we have taken the plunge and have a new puppy, Nancy, a Norfolk Terrier. I had forgotten that its just like having a baby, but she is such a little character and we love her to bits 🙂


  2. I have had hamsters but never rats and thank goodness you are willing to feed them. Sending good vibes for those lumps on Chester to be taken care of quickly, easily and painless.


    1. I’ve never had rats either digitalgranny – but mice, hamsters, gerbils and probably more that have escaped my memory have lived here. They are all welcome here, but we do have to work at keeping the numbers within reason. Chester and I thank you for the good vibes for his health. 🙂


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