The Big Switch

I spend a lot of time on the computer.  So much in fact that I have 2 computers.  One is just for Africam and I don’t think its any surprise to find out that I have an Africam addiction.  The other computer is used for everything else (email, WordPress, FaceBook and just the daily searches, etc).

My older computer was the one that was strictly Africam.  Africam has 7 cameras – Nkorho, Elephant Plains, Idube, Tembe, Naledi, Black Eagle and Vulture Restaurant.  The Black Eagle and the Potted Plant Owl each have their own cam time depending on when nesting is – but this year the Potted Plant Owl was not on cam due to the commitments of the people who live where the owls nest.  We may have had 8 cams this year because the Black Eagle was late due to infertile eggs the first nesting and the Potted Plant Owls are busy nesting now.  The Black Eagle chick will soon be leaving the nest, which will put us down to 6 cams and the Vulture Restaurant is seasonal (I believe), so then we will be down to 5.

It is hard finding room for everything on my monitor because as well as the cameras, I also have the forum,  MW Snap (to take pics), an inside chat with the other moderators and the zoomies, Photo Bucket to store and post pics.

The last couple of weeks, I have had a lot of problem with the cams stopping.  One would stop – so I would refresh it, only to find that another one or two stopped – so much of my time has been spent in refreshing cams to get them going.  I knew it had to be computer related because I was the only one having this problem so I was thinking of switching computers.  One of the moderators at Africam suggested that I check my CPU usage and that told the whole story.  This computer was at 100% CPU usage, which totally explains why one camera would stop when another one was refreshed.

My original plan was to just switch monitors – but I soon found out that wouldn’t work because one of the computers has a connection that only its current monitor had.  The monitor itself had 2 different connections and would have worked with either computer, but I could not put the other monitor on that computer.   I wanted to keep the same monitor for Africam because that was the bigger one, but would have to settle for the smaller  monitor if I wanted to keep the cams going.

The most time consuming part of the whole switch was cleaning off the physical desktop to be able to move the monitors and the speakers.  How can papers and stuff just multiply like that?  I know I couldn’t possibly have put all that there.  It is finally done now with the last item on the list of switching keyboards and mouses.  That part was easy, since they are wireless – but there was even stuff pushed under the keyboards – LOL.

I will still be spending some time in getting all the URL’s and passwords from one computer to the other – since neither one shared many locations.


I hadn’t checked the temperature before heading out on the walk with Chester this morning, but I realized immediately that it wasn’t bad out there.  We walked a little further than usual.  Now, after starting the new Africam computer up to get this picture, I see that it is a balmy -2C  🙂 under sunny skies.

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    1. If I can only keep the papers and stuff from multiplying again, it shouldn’t take as long if I decide to make changes with the setup again.


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