Crazy Day to End the Year

This is it!  The end of another year.  Good-bye 2013 and hello 2014.

The morning is starting off at -31C with a ‘feels like’ temperature of -39C.  By the time the sun comes up, it should be dropping to -33C with a ‘feels like’ temperature of -42C.  The good news is that the extended forecast shows today as being the coldest temperatures for the next 2 weeks.

On the 2nd last day of the year, yesterday – it was a crazy day.  It was extremely busy at work – the day just flew by.  People were lined up pretty much all day long .  Today will be a shorter day and hopefully not quite as busy.  It is nice to take a minute to stop and catch your breath once in awhile.

It was also a crazy day on the streets in the city yesterday.  I lost control of my car twice in the short time I drive to work, to the bank, to work and back home again.  Some of the streets are extremely icy and I was going well under the speed limit.  I managed to get the car back under control without an accident either time.  Then, when I was almost home and stopped to make a left turn, a car went past me (he might have been behind me and pulled over to pass me while I was stopped – but don’t know).  He then pulled in front of my car and lost control, spun around and hit another vehicle going the opposite direction that was only a few feet away from my car.  I saw a bumper go flying, but I don’t know which car that came from.  He wasn’t going fast either and this all seemed to happen in slow motion.  Both drivers got out and I made my turn and continued on.

When I pulled into my lane, I saw the plow had been down it and left a mound of snow chunks that prevented me from getting into my parking spot.  I drove around to the front and parked there so I could go out and shovel it clear.  My daughter asked why I was coming in the front door instead of the back door and I told her I couldn’t get into my parking spot in the back.  I headed upstairs to get out of my work clothes and dress warmly to shovel, but by the time I got ready and headed outside, she was coming back in with the shovel saying it was all done.  🙂

She had also been busy during the day doing some very much appreciated house cleaning for me.  🙂

Usually they plow the lanes because they want the cars off the street so they can plow them or just before garbage pick up days so the trucks can get through.  Since today is garbage pickup day, that must be the reason, since I don’t see residential plowing on the schedule.  I hope they will be doing a better job on the major streets though, as I suspect there were several accidents yesterday.

All the best to you and yours in the upcoming 2014!

Happy New Year
Happy New Year

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