Sorry, its been awhile since I sat down to write.  It seems I’ve been working and/or shoveling snow for the last couple of weeks and that is about it.

We – as well as many other places had some record breaking cold weather along with a couple of winter storms to end one year and start the current year.   I have always bragged that this city knows how to clean up after a storm – but they failed this time.  The main streets have been skating rinks with accidents in record numbers being recorded.  I narrowly avoided more than one accident myself and understand when people say they are driving well under the speed limit when they suddenly find themselves going the wrong way after losing control of their vehicle.

To add a bit of insult to everyone who found themselves sliding on the icy roads, one of the city councillors suggested that most of us are driving lesser vehicles and we should all go out and by 4 wheel drive vehicles for when the roads are bad.  Of course, with his salary, I’m sure he can afford a vehicle like this – but not everyone makes that kind of money.  I hope he is looking for a new job, since I don’t expect he will be re-elected at the next election.  Here is a link to what he said – but one of the pictures of a vehicle on a snowbank is an expensive 4 wheel drive!

Luckily we have now had a couple of warmer days and the ice has turned to mush.  Of course, it will get cold again and it will turn to ice again – but this time the ice will be mixed with the sand and mush to make it less slippery (hopefully).

With the warmer weather, the piles of snow on my roof are starting to melt, which causes ice jams along the eaves (gutters).  So this morning I pulled out my roof rake to clear off as much as I could.  That, of course, put snow on the steps and sidewalk, and I then had to get the shovel out to clear that all away.

Otherwise – life has been about normal here.  Chester finished his anti-biotics and his lumps are still the same.  They are still not bothering him and I am not going to do any more testing or the biopsy that the vet would like to do.  He sure did not like the nasty cold weather we had.  Our walks were shortened to only about 10 minutes.  Normally we don’t walk if the temperature is below -35C, but it went on for too long to stay inside.  As long as we kept moving, we didn’t freeze up too much.  He is enjoying the warmer temperatures now and is spending quite a bit of time outside in the yard as well as having longer walks again.

Chester - Jan 11
Chester – Jan 11
Chester - Jan 11
Chester – Jan 11

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