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At this time of year there is nothing going on around here outside except for snow, cold and then more snow and cold.  For this reason, I have trouble finding anything to blog about and it seems I am more of a once weekly blogger instead of the daily blogger than I am during the spring, summer and fall.

As usual, I shoveled more snow today to keep the sidewalks and steps as clear of snow as possible.

Last winter we hardly had any snow and I remember at this time of year when they were putting the snow blocks out for snow sculptures for February, that the blocks were mini blocks.  This year they have the usual blocks that are a minimum of about 12 foot square compared to the mini 5 foot square ones from last year.   The sizes are estimated – I’ve never measured them – so they could be larger or they could be smaller, but there was a big size difference last year.

With all this snow, there are safety issues with children playing and building forts or tunnels in the snow.  We currently have a 9 year old boy in the hospital in critical condition after being found buried under a lot of snow in front of his home.  I remember other years when children have died after their snow fort collapsed, but hopefully this boy was found in time and will survive.  You can see the news story here if you are interested.

I bought Chester a new toy while I was out picking up his food today.  He loves stuffed toys and he also loves the unstuffed toys.  Anything with a squeaker is also a hit with him.  Actually, he is very easy to please.  I got one of the unstuffed squeaky critters.  He already has a couple other similar critters, but they are getting pretty worn out, so he was happy to get this one added to his collection.  The fox was on sale for about $3.00 less than the other unstuffed critters – so that is the one he got.

Chester and New Toy
Chester and New Toy

I don’t know if I mentioned it or not, but I have taken his collar off due to the lumps on his neck and he now wears a harness for our walks.  He is still not bothered by the lumps, so we continue on with life as normal.  🙂

On Monday, while eating my breakfast cereal, I felt a tooth crack and picked a piece of that tooth out of my mouth.  The outside of the tooth appeared fine – but the inside portion had broken off at the filling.  A call to the dentist was made when they opened and an appointment was made for Wednesday afternoon, which was the earliest they could fit me in.  I wasn’t in any pain, but could certainly feel hot and cold right to the root so I didn’t want to leave it.  I was prepared to eat on the right side of my mouth for a few days and to cut up my apples for eating to avoid biting in to them.  Wednesday morning while I was in line at the bank for work, the dentist office called me to see if I could come in right then instead of in the afternoon.  The afternoon appointment was a squeeze in one and I knew I might have to wait, so I headed back to work to see if I could leave then.  I could and I did.  The dentist said it was an easy fix and he could just build up the back of the tooth with a filling after removing the old one.  An hour later and I was back at work with a frozen mouth.

One more thing about the phone call.  🙂   My default ring is birds chirping – but I seldom get phone calls so seldom hear it.  While I was in line, I heard birds chirping, but they sounded distant, so I was looking around to see who else had a phone that chirped like that.  Just then the teller called me up and he asked if that was my phone.  I suddenly realized that it was and answered it to find my dentists receptionist on the phone.  Since my phone was in my purse, that would explain the distant sound.  🙂

I’m heading back to Africam – see you there.

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