In Reality

In case you didn’t catch the words ‘virtual trip’ in my trip to Dallas – this is a confession that I did not leave Winnipeg and stayed in the frigid temperatures with way too much snow.  Chester and I had our walks in -20’s C temperatures with the ‘feels like’ temperatures in the -30’sC.  Normal stuff.

In reality, I went home after work on Thursday as usual and spent my evening on Africam and facebook – pretending to be driving south.

My daughter’s car wouldn’t start Friday morning and I drove her to work, came home and waited for CAA to come and check the battery.  They checked it, said it was dead and replaced it.  What a great service!  I got to wait inside while most of the work was being done, then I paid the reasonable price and all is good.  🙂

After CAA, I went shopping for groceries and critter supplies and then picked my daughter up after work.

Of course, there was also the usual laundry, cleaning etc, as well as cleaning Jewel’s cage and Freddy’s water home and giving Chester his pedicure.

I also went out to chip at the ice and snow buildup in the back parking spot.  I mentioned earlier that the plow had dug right to the road itself, after having the lane about a foot higher with the last plows.  Combined with my yard that was another 1/2 foot higher, that left a jump up from the lane of a foot and a half.  We had brought it down a bit, but due to the cold, it was left fairly high.  One result of that was when I went into the parking spot, my front wheels went up ok, but my back wheels would slide over a bit.  My neighbour saw this one night and asked me if I was doing a Starsky and Hutch move.  So, I dug and sloped the spot where the back wheels were coming up and hopefully we won’t be doing that any more.

I had a lot of fun thinking about making a trip like that, but sure wouldn’t attempt it on a weekend.  🙂

Oh and if we are not friends on facebook, you might wonder about my comment about the government of Canada putting money in my bank account.  They actually did put money in my account because after re-assessing my tax return from last year they found I had made a mistake and entered some income twice.  That was enough to change the $700 something I had paid them to them owing me $200 something – combined that meant they now owed me $900 something and they deposited it in my account along with interest.  🙂  There was no real reason to put that into my Dallas trip – but I thought it sounded good.

Hope you enjoyed my trip as much or more than I did.  I know I learned some things about Dallas.

Chester - Feb 1
Chester – Feb 1

Unfortunately, Chester’s side is more in focus than his face, but I kind of like this picture taken yesterday anyway.  It would have been nice if I’d been able to take a picture of him in that beautiful downtown park in Dallas.

6 thoughts on “In Reality

  1. I caught the Virtual, but still thought you went. This does explain how you replied on FB so quickly…while driving! ROFL ( Psst…If you lived closer I would have talked you into going! Would have been fun! And we could have gotten together with Donna Maxwell!! 🙂 )


    1. ROFL Hazel – I thought you knew for sure that it wasn’t real. Not sure about some of the others though – so maybe I was the only one who knew I wouldn’t go that long without sleep.


  2. I never guessed it was virtual but on going back to read saw the word virtual. Clever idea and I really enjoyed the read and did wonder how you were driving all that way without much sleep!


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