Fish Day

Keeping pets of any kind mean that there are always some pet related chores to do.  Dogs, cats and birds all require more care that fish do – but there are some days that have to have some time devoted to the fish also.  Of course, the bird, cat and dog all got their normal care today, but it was time to clean Freddy’s little aquarium.  I clean it every couple of weeks, but managed to add the large aquarium into the list today also.

Freddy’s care is fairly quick and easy.  I 1/2 fill a glass bowl with fresh water that has been left standing for a day.  I add a couple of drops of tap water conditioner and add some of the water from his tank before catching him in a net and putting him in the bowl.  I then drain about 1/2 of his little aquarium – I think it is 2 1/2 gallons so it is a nice size for him.  When it is 1/2 empty, I can pick it up and carry it to the sink where I clean it up.  After 2 weeks, there is a bit of algae on the sides and on the gravel, so I scrub that clean.

Then I put fresh water that has been left standing for a day, into the tank, plug in the pump to get the water moving and add a few more drops of tap water conditioner before putting Freddy back into his home.  The whole procedure takes less than 1/2 an hour.

The big tank takes more time, but it is pretty self sustaining most of the time.  I don’t pay much attention to this tank and the fish in it have been there for years.  I realized that it has been quite awhile since I changed any of the water in it though and decided that today would be a good day to do it.

I wasn’t even sure how many fish there were in this tank and thought at first there were only 2 little guys.  With only 2 the thought entered my head that I could probably just add them to Freddy’s tank, but once I started searching I found there were 5.  Five plus Freddy would be too many for that little tank, so I caught them, put them into the same bowl I used for Freddy and proceeded to empty about 1/2 of the tank.  I think this tank is either 50 or 60 gallons so that was a lot of water to haul out.  When I do this on a regular monthly basis, I only empty about 1/4 of the tank, but it had been much more than a month since the last cleaning.

I then cleaned one of the sponges in the filter, put that back and started to haul water back to the aquarium.  Several drops of tap water conditioner were added, the filter plugged back in and then the fish were put back.   This job took about an hour from start to finish.  Luckily it is located very close to the kitchen sink.

Now I am thinking that this is much too large an aquarium for so few fish and I might think about getting a little 10 or even a 5 gallon tank for them.  I could add Freddy to that size tank with 5 little fish and they could live happily ever after.   The fish in the large tank are definitely senior citizens but I have no idea how long they live.  I know 3 of them are Cardinal Tetras, but don’t know what the other 2 are.

Here’s Freddy.  🙂


For some reason, I feel like eating fish and chips tonight.  🙂