It’s Still Here

Of course, I am referring to winter – will it ever go away.  With the amount of snow we have here, I’m sure it will be August before it all melts this year.  😦

We had a couple of days of melting last week – it seems just so that the sculptures for the Festival du Voyageur get that slightly melted look to them.  The warmer temperatures turned the streets into mushy gunk, which got the cars all dirty again also.  Now it is cold with snow and blowing snow again.

One of the reasons I haven’t been posting daily as usual is just that I can only complain about the weather once in awhile and with this nasty winter, nothing else is happening.  I can’t take a virtual trip to Dallas every weekend and even that would get boring anyway.

Speaking about the trip to Dallas, I am still having people stop and say something to me about thinking I would actually do that.  I would love to do it, but certainly not in a 2 day weekend.  I enjoy my sleep time too much to drive through the nights like that and am sure I would have ended up in a ditch somewhere anyway.  It was fun planning the route, finding towns along the way, posting pictures I found online and learning about some of the places in Dallas.  One day (actually one or two weeks) I might actually make the drive.  I’d love to even get a bit further south and visit Galveston.  I was there many years ago, but I am sure it has changed a lot since then.

I do have a short trip planned for the end of April/beginning of May this year.  Hopefully the snow will be gone by then.  I’ll tell you more about that when it gets a bit closer.

I guess I have snow for today’s picture.  We have Chester in the snow in the yard, taken today.

Chester in the Snow
Chester in the Snow

The shoveling I did yesterday had not effect as the wind overnight and this morning covered up everything I uncovered.

It is time to watch Africam to see if I can warm up.