Snow Report

Here we are – at the end of March and still buried under mountains of snow.  Even though I vow to never shovel after March 1st, I have had to do just that more than once this year and today I shoveled some more. Due to the volume of snow, I had to shovel it… Continue reading Snow Report

The Mouse

My weekends (as I’m sure most working people’s weekends) are full of errands and chores that never get done during the week. Today was grocery shopping and then it was time to tackle my next de-clutter/de-crapify item on the list for the 40 bags in 40 days challenge. I didn’t really have any area planned,… Continue reading The Mouse


Chester & the Bed – it has been a week since I put the styrofoam step so Chester can get up onto my bed and it is really working out well.  I’ve noticed that he is going upstairs when he is home alone now.  He used to spend his time alone sleeping on the bed,… Continue reading Updates

Cute Little Thief

A couple of weeks ago, I picked up a little mesh bag with bird food in it to put out for the outdoor birds.  I used to feed the outdoor birds all the time, but when Dakota moved in I had to stop.  Dakota would throw herself at the sun room window trying to get… Continue reading Cute Little Thief

He Likes It!

As we all are – Chester is aging.  He will be 11 years old on May 1st and although he has not had a seizure for a year and a half, he is still on multiple meds to control them.  He has slowed down quite a bit (at times) so our walks are shorter, but… Continue reading He Likes It!

Snow Clearing

We still have plenty of snow here, unlike many other parts of the northern hemisphere where it is springtime and you can see the ground. Chester and I went out the back door for our walk this morning, as usual.  When we got to our front street, I was surprised to see that the sidewalk… Continue reading Snow Clearing

Freddy and the Tetras

Freddy and the Tetras – kind of sounds like a rock group, but its just my school of fish.  🙂 I finally found a home for my aggressive Barb.  My friend Blue Beard says it is a Rosy Barb.  What an experience trying to give the little guy away though.  My ad on Kijiji got… Continue reading Freddy and the Tetras

Moving the Fish

Freddy has been in the new aquarium since last weekend, so yesterday was the day to move the other fish in. I only caught 5 little guys when I did the major water change a few weeks ago, but there were 6 in there that I found today.  It took a few minutes to catch… Continue reading Moving the Fish

40 Bags in 40 Days

I am always looking for something to help me de-clutter the house.  40 Bags in 40 Days is the most recent idea I have decided to follow.  The concept is simple enough – you have 40 days to fill 40 bags (more or less) and get rid of them in some way (garbage, donate, recycle,… Continue reading 40 Bags in 40 Days

The British Invasion – Celebrations Dinner Theatre

Last night my friends and I went to Celebrations Dinner Theatre to see the current show, which is The British Invasion. Fifty years ago the Ed Sullivan show introduced the British groups and singers to North America.  The Beatles was the first group, followed soon after by The Rolling Stones, Herman’s Hermits, Gerry and Pacemakers. … Continue reading The British Invasion – Celebrations Dinner Theatre