Moving the Fish

Freddy has been in the new aquarium since last weekend, so yesterday was the day to move the other fish in. I only caught 5 little guys when I did the major water change a few weeks ago, but there were 6 in there that I found today.  It took a few minutes to catch them all, but before too long the 6 were in a bag floating in their new home.

Freddy was quick to come to welcome them – or at least check them out.  At first one of the Cardinals looked pale and stressed while in the bag, but I made frequent small water changes to the bag before opening it up to let them swim out.  It didn’t take long before they were enjoying the new area and all looked fine.

A couple of hours later though, I noticed one of the little guys attacking Freddy and nipping at his fins.  I don’t know what kind of fish this is, but I only have the one of this kind.  He is shaped like a Tiger Barb, so I assume he is some kind of barb.  I caught him and put him into a bowl, but will have to figure something more permanent out for him.

I also have to figure out what to do with the large aquarium.  At first I was just thinking I would do a few more water changes, keeping it going until I pick more and different fish – possibly Cichlids.  A problem with that is that this aquarium is in a fairly dark area where no one ever stays – so they would possibly be ignored there.  Moving the aquarium is a big job, which would of course mean emptying it completely, so there wouldn’t be much use in doing water changes.

Where to move it is a difficult question too.  I spend most of my time in the living room, so a spot here would be good – but furniture would have to be moved and a place near a plug opened up for it.  There really isn’t any space available in the living room so I would have to move something out of the room.

The other alternative is to just empty it and only have the one small one where Freddy and the little guys are.

Freddy Checking out New Guys
Freddy Checking out New Guys in the Bag.  Aggressive Fish is 2nd from left in bag.
Freddy's New Room Mates
Freddy’s 5 New Room Mates – hard to get decent pics of moving fish.  I’m not sure what the 2 are in the middle.
Barb of Some Kind
Barb of Some Kind I think.

I think I’ll go outside and shovel some more snow, even though its after March 1st and against my policy of not shoveling after March 1st..