Freddy and the Tetras

Freddy and the Tetras – kind of sounds like a rock group, but its just my school of fish.  🙂

I finally found a home for my aggressive Barb.  My friend Blue Beard says it is a Rosy Barb.  What an experience trying to give the little guy away though.  My ad on Kijiji got quite a bit of responses – but  people either didn’t show up after making arrangements to come – or they had no idea what a Barb was or what its needs are – or they decided it was too far to come to pick him up.  One girl asked if he came with a bowl to keep him in.  Another one asked if it was a salt water fish.  I really don’t know why people respond to ads if they have no idea what they would be getting.

The girl who came to pick him up used to work in a pet store and knows quite a bit about fish keeping.  She is setting up a 100 gallon tank with Barbs and other similar fish.  I’m glad he has gone to a home where he will have lots of room and lots of buddies similar to him.

Meanwhile Freddy and the 3 Cardinal Tetras along with the 2 Glowlight Tetras are getting along just great.  I love having the tank in the living room where I spend much of my time and can watch them.

Freddy and the Tetras
Freddy and the Tetras

I still haven’t decided what I am going to do with the bigger tank.  I have it almost empty and almost ready to move and set up or to completely empty and dispose of.

On the snow front – we had a melting day a couple of days ago.  Lots of the white stuff disappeared!  Now the snow banks are only 6 feet high instead of 8 feet high.  Still can’t see over them when pulling out of a residential street, but there is hope.