The Mouse

My weekends (as I’m sure most working people’s weekends) are full of errands and chores that never get done during the week.

Today was grocery shopping and then it was time to tackle my next de-clutter/de-crapify item on the list for the 40 bags in 40 days challenge.

I didn’t really have any area planned, as I have several corners/areas on my list, but the decision was made for me by a little white mouse.  Yes, this is the same mouse that escaped from my daughter weeks ago.  This mouse has it pretty good.  She gets food from under and around Jewel’s cage as it gets thrown out.  Chester isn’t too thrilled about the mouse getting this food because he also likes to pick up scraps from Jewel too.  But Jewel is in the living room and I have a gate blocking the living room from Chester when I’m at work.  He gets too rambunctious barking at people and dogs passing by the front windows to allow in there unsupervised.  So, the mouse has an unsupervised run of the living room when I’m not home.  She has to go to the kitchen to get water from Chester’s bowl, but doesn’t seem to have a problem getting there and back.

This morning, after I would have left for work on a normal work day, I felt something on my foot.  I knew Chester wasn’t under the desk so at first I thought I might have dropped something, but couldn’t see anything.  For an instant, I wondered if it had been the mouse, but immediately dismissed that idea and went back to what I was doing on the computer.  About 10 minutes later I felt something again and this time I knew it was the mouse.  It went right up under the bottom of my jeans on my sock.  Again, I didn’t see anything, so I knew it had gone behind me.

Behind me is a pile of stuff that is looking for a new home.  Beside that is the cabinet that she had gone under at least once before, but managed to escape.  I moved this stuff out and then headed to the back to grab a garbage bag.  When I came back, I saw that I already had a garbage bag on the other side of the cabinet and as I saw it, I could see it move a bit.  I carefully moved the bag and that little white mouse raced back behind the cabinet before I could drop the bag from my hand to grab her.

I don’t know if she ran right out the other end or if she went under the cabinet again.  I grabbed one of the no-kill traps and set it up with only the trap for an exit spot from under the cabinet – just in case that is where she went.  Then the decision was made to clean that corner as well as the cabinet and my computer desk.  My paper shredder is getting another good workout as everything seems to be covered in paper again.

So far – no sign of the mouse, but at the very least, she has lost a hiding spot as I continue working in this area.  She seems to have made a game out of “Catch me if you can” and so far – she is winning.

No pictures today – the subject refused to stop and pose for any.


2 thoughts on “The Mouse

    1. LOL Mary – the little mouse is sure doing a great job of teasing both Chester and I. I can almost hear her laughing at us. But that corner did need cleaning and it looks so much better now.


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