A New Chapter

When I started working at the Y almost 14 years ago, it was a part time job for me – just meant to cover the gap between my part time salary at a government job and my expenses.  Five and a half years later, I retired from the government job and went full-time at the… Continue reading A New Chapter


It has now been raining and then snowing for the last 2 days.  😦  The ground is white again – but it obviously (I hope) will be gone very quickly. The rain did help the snow on its way – and there are still patches of the old snow, now covered with the new snow,… Continue reading Snow

The River, The Yard and The Dog

Now that the ice on the Red River has broken up, it is just a matter of watching the levels rise.  Of course, there are still chunks of ice, but otherwise – its just water.  So, I took a couple of yard pictures today to show you that I still have snow in the yard,… Continue reading The River, The Yard and The Dog

Looks Like a New River

Just like that and the ice is gone.  Well – most of the ice is gone.  It was a little chilly when Chester and I walked over to the Red River, but we headed there for pictures this morning as usual.  Tomorrow there might be ice again.  🙂 The cloudy sky did not stop the… Continue reading Looks Like a New River

As The Red River Rises

At this rate, it won’t be long until the Red River is ice free, but there should be a few more days of watching the changes take place before that happens. These pictures are what we have now after a few beautiful warm (well warm for us) and sunny days.  Today it is supposed to… Continue reading As The Red River Rises

More on the Red River

I enjoy watching the Red River change daily and I hope you are enjoying it (without feeling the cold) also.  🙂  This morning there was a pair of Mallard Ducks to take pictures of along with the shifting ice.  Chester was enjoying watching the ducks. We also have the sidewalk in my back yard that… Continue reading More on the Red River

Happy Easter

Hope everyone has a happy Easter. Today I have more Red River pictures from our walk this morning.  As predicted yesterday, there is no sign of the red post in the water today. I also have 3 stories from work yesterday.  None of them were happy and one was tragic. The red post is directly… Continue reading Happy Easter

Red River Rising

Yesterday I showed you the red pole in the water that had been well up onto dry land not long before.  Well, this morning the red pole is close to being under the water/ice and I expect that by tomorrow I won’t be able to find it at all. The ice is still shifting as… Continue reading Red River Rising

Snow and Ice Report

Believe it or not – we are still covered by snow and ice here. The Red River is rising – but although the shoreline is usually flowing water by this time, it is still frozen solid.  Chester and I stopped long enough for a few quick pictures this morning. The red post out on the… Continue reading Snow and Ice Report

Red River

No big changes in the Red River ice situation today because the temperature has remained below freezing.  What looks like open water is actually frozen.  There were some movements though as the ice does shift and crack a bit even in the cold. Chester and I were not as cold during this morning’s walk because… Continue reading Red River