It has now been raining and then snowing for the last 2 days.  😦  The ground is white again – but it obviously (I hope) will be gone very quickly.

The rain did help the snow on its way – and there are still patches of the old snow, now covered with the new snow, to brighten it up a bit.

Not many pictures for you today.  One the big tree across the Red River from April 23rd. One of Chester standing in front of what remains of the snow mountain that produced the avalanche that made the hurdle on the sidewalk.  That is still 2 1/2 – 3 feet high. And the one of my back yard (all white again).

Big Tree Across the Red River - April 23
Big Tree Across the Red River – April 23
Chester - April 25
Chester – April 25
The Yard April 25
The Yard April 25

The weather here is certainly not boring.  Well – I guess everyone had more than enough of the extreme cold in the very long winter we had this year – so that was pretty boring.  It is our spring, summer and fall that are never boring.  This is spring.  🙂