Chester and a Window

Chester has his annual check up with blood tests, etc last week.  He hasn’t had any shots in the last 3 years due to his medical problems, but a titer test back then showed that he didn’t need them anyway. He checked out fine physically, but we had a recommendation to help his mobility with… Continue reading Chester and a Window

The Last Day to The First Day

Yesterday was my last day of work at the Y and today is my first day of retirement. It was a very pleasant day at work.  I had enough to do to keep me occupied, but not too much to do so I could stop and talk to members and other staff.  Just so that… Continue reading The Last Day to The First Day

Love the Heat

Wow 2 hot days in a row – after about 300 days of freezing temperatures.  We went from having the heat on in the house about a week ago to having the air conditioner on.  Usually in the spring we can go for a month or more without heat or air conditioning – but this… Continue reading Love the Heat


Finally we have some warm weather and things are growing.  🙂  Actually, it is going to be a hot weekend – even better!  The trees are starting to open their leaves as we see a bit of green on the branches now.  By the end of this weekend, they should be pretty much fully open.… Continue reading Growth

The Bunnies and The Bird

As usual, there are plenty of bunnies around and Chester enjoys searching for and stalking them while on our walks to and along the Red River.  Often the bunny stares right back at him, I’m sure thinking that he hasn’t been seen.  This pose is held by both of them for quite awhile until I… Continue reading The Bunnies and The Bird

Celebrations Dinner Theatre – Footsloose

I went to Celebrations Dinner Theatre last night with some friends to watch Footsloose.  If you are interested in going, it is just here until the end of May – so quickly find out if you can get a seat in any of the last productions. As always, the show was great! We tapped our… Continue reading Celebrations Dinner Theatre – Footsloose