The Mob in Action

There are a lot of Crows around here.  Once in awhile I see them mobbing a hawk or an owl, and this morning was another mob day.

I could hear them when I was still a 1/2 block from the Red River when Chester and I were on our walk.  Once I got to the river, I could see they were mobbing something on the other side, but it was a long way away.  I could see someone walking along the path over there though and before too long the victim and the mob were flying over to my side of the river.

I am not great at identifying birds in flight, so all I can say is that the victim was a large brown Hawk.  I didn’t manage to get a picture of him flying, but once he landed in a tree not too far from me and the mob landed with him, I did get a couple of short videos.  I put the videos together and have it here.

Maybe someone technically inclined can tell me why my videos sometimes record at a slow speed.  Most of both my videos are in slow motion with no sound and both of them have the last few seconds at normal speed with the sound.  The reason I wanted to take videos instead of just pictures was because of the sound.

I assume the problem is with my camera and I remember this happened once before too.  I don’t take a lot of videos, but it would be nice if they worked properly when I do take them.

The Mob in Action
The Mob in Action

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