In With the New

Saturday turned out to be a very busy day. As usual, my friend Connie and I went out for breakfast.  Then we headed over to Best Buy to pick up her new computer.  I helped her get it set up along with her new printer and then had to leave quickly to meet the delivery… Continue reading In With the New

Out With the Old

I have been in my house for about 30 years now and my house is 114 years old.   I purchased a refrigerator and stove shortly after moving in when we remodeled the kitchen and got new to fit in. The washer and dryer came after the next remodel when we added a basement to this… Continue reading Out With the Old

I’m Impressed

I told you that I wrote to Ruane Manning, the artist of the picture that I received from the Y a few days ago, asking about the particular elephant and baby.  I was surprised and impressed with him for answering me. Often people are too busy or imagine themselves too busy to reply or interact… Continue reading I’m Impressed

Bunnies, Birds and Elephants

The bunnies and birds are (of course) from our walk to and along the Red River.  Chester watches for bunnies, while I watch for birds. The Elephants are from my picture, which is now hanging on a wall in my home. The 2 bunnies were so busy playing that they didn’t notice Chester and me… Continue reading Bunnies, Birds and Elephants

Wild Rose

Yesterday while cutting the grass (in between the rain drops), I realized that the Wild Rose right at the fence was blooming.  It has been some time since I’ve seen any flowers from this bush, so I got my camera out to record the event.  🙂 This fence is pretty much buried under Virginia Creeper. … Continue reading Wild Rose


Yesterday was a little different. Chester and I had our usual walk along the Red River.  It was nice and fresh after the rain the night before. As I wrote in my blog yesterday, I found out someone had snipped off 2 of my beautiful peony flowers.  I wasn’t too happy about that – but… Continue reading Yesterday


Yesterday I took some pictures of my Peony as the flowers are opening beautifully.       This morning I went out to take more pictures, only to find that the 2 largest ones from yesterday are gone.  They weren’t broken off in the storm last night (which wasn’t even much of a storm), or… Continue reading Peony

Iris and Peony

My taller and later blooming Iris have now bloomed – but due to the wind and the rain over the last few days, they are down on the ground.  They are still pretty when they lay on the ground and I thought about taking the picture and then adjusting it so the flowers would be… Continue reading Iris and Peony

Fun with Squirrels

For the 2nd year in a row, we have found a young squirrel in our house.  I have no idea how they got in – but there is obviously a way in that I don’t know about.   I do know that they get into the walls – but do not know of any places where… Continue reading Fun with Squirrels