Gertjie (Little G) the Baby Rhino

On May 8th, 2014  the Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre – which is located just outside Hoedspruit in South Africa – took in a baby Rhino after his mother had been killed by poachers.  This 3 month old baby is lucky to have ended up at HESC where he will be cared for by the experts there, but he would have been much better off living with his mother.  Baby Rhinos nurse for up to 18 months.

During the daytime, Gertjie is outside with one of his keepers.  They take him for walks and runs and have introduced him to mud baths, which he loves.  He does come back into his bedroom sometimes for a nap (where we can see him  – thanks to Africam).  Little G has a sheep friend who can also come inside .

Little G has a feeding every 3 hours around the clock and we are lucky enough to be able to see most of these feedings.  It is amazing how fast that big bottle of milk disappears.

At night he is kept inside with heating lamps and nice soft hay to sleep on where he is warm and safe.  His keeper is just outside and ready to get his bottle ready for feeding.  We can see Little G start pacing just before feeding time as he probably hears his keeper getting it ready.

Gertjie (Little G)
Gertjie (Little G) – 5 min before feeding time.

Besides Gertjie, HESC is also caring for 2 adult rhinos who survived being poached, but were horribly wounded when their horns were cut out by the poachers.

Here is the story of Gertjie’s arrival at HESC.

Here is information on the 2 adult Rhinos under care at HESC.

Here is HECS’s Facebook page with updates on Gertjie (Little G)

Here is Africam’s view of Gertjie’s bedroom where you might find the little guy.

Here is a report on Gertjie by Kruger 2 Canyon News (K2C)

Poaching of both Rhinos and Elephants for their horns and tusks is out of control.  The poachers themselves are disposable since they are at the bottom of the chain.  If one, two or a dozen are apprehended or killed, there are many more waiting to take their places.

When I went to South African in 2012, I stopped in at HESC with my friends Penny & Jurek, where we took the tour and soaked up as much information as we could.  The animals are well cared for and loved.

While looking around the HESC site for information, I found the following:

We are absolutely delighted to announce that on 14 April, Salomé gave birth to 3 cubs. The best news is that 2 of them are King Cheetahs! This is her second litter, and Tristan is the father.

If you remember when Africam had the camera on Salome and her 3 adorable babies in 2012, you will be excited to know she has new babies.  I will be checking their site more often to get updates.

5 thoughts on “Gertjie (Little G) the Baby Rhino

  1. All I can say is, thank goodness there is someone to look after these poor orphan animals and I just do not know how you stop it…………the 21st century and people are still killing these wonderful animals for their horns. What do they use the horns for, do they think it some kind of medicine…..sorry that I have to ask, I should know 🙂


      1. Thank you for letting me know and I don’t suppose for one minute they will ever stop until there is no more horns to be had.


        1. It is very sad blosslyn – the numbers of poached Rhinos has been rising every year and there seems to be no end in sight and nothing that can be done to stop this.


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