Fun with Squirrels

For the 2nd year in a row, we have found a young squirrel in our house.  I have no idea how they got in – but there is obviously a way in that I don’t know about.   I do know that they get into the walls – but do not know of any places where they can get through the walls and into the house.  This is one of the joys of having a very old house (now 114 years old).

Chester actually alerted me to this little guy yesterday, but I assumed it was the mouse escapee that has been loose in the house for ages now.  I haven’t seen or heard from it in awhile and thought Chester may have caught it, but then thought whatever had his interest yesterday had been that little one.

This morning when we walked, we saw a young squirrel running towards us and suddenly making a quick turn to head up a tree just as Chester was ready to pounce on him.  That was when I started thinking that we may have one of his cousins in our basement.

Actually, when I first saw him today, he was on the main floor.  I opened both the front and back doors and tried to convince him to go outside, but that didn’t work and he ran back down the basement.  All I ended up with was a house full of mosquitoes.

I got the live squirrel trap, set it up with some peanut butter and some seeds and put it where I could see it from the main floor to keep an eye on it.  Then shortly before I was going to leave for work I sent a text to my daughter to get her to meet me here after work (we both finish at the same time today).  Last year we (along with a friend) managed to catch the little guy by throwing a towel over it and then taking him outside and I hoped we could do the same this year.

Nothing was in the the trap when we got there, so we tried the towel trick again without success.  We did see him – but these little guys are very quick and after he managed to sneak by me – he disappeared.  My daughter suggested moving the trap to the area we had last seen him, so I did that and we left the area.

About 2 hours later,  I went down and he was in the trap.  I picked it up with the little guy inside and took him outside (making sure the door was closed tightly behind me).  Then I opened the door of the trap and he was off and running.  I didn’t get any pictures because I just wanted to get him outside.  He was really cute though.  🙂

Edit to add:

Looking back to last year, I see this happened on the same date.  I posted on June 20/13 and indicated it happened the day before.  Amazingly enough, I gave my blog the same title!  🙂

Here is last year’s article with a couple of pictures taken on the next day.