I’m Impressed

I told you that I wrote to Ruane Manning, the artist of the picture that I received from the Y a few days ago, asking about the particular elephant and baby.  I was surprised and impressed with him for answering me.

Often people are too busy or imagine themselves too busy to reply or interact with anyone and my questions were certainly not anything that I absolutely HAD to know – I just wanted to know.

Here is Ruane’s reply.

“Dear Mavis,

Thank you for  your inquiry about the Elephants, Mother & calf.
They were part of an assignment from my publishers, back around 2004 maybe later, the date should be on the bottom of the print.
Mavis , I’ve always been concerned about the wildlife around us & the world, especially the many endangered species (need to paint them all!)
Mavis, being I can’t just drop everything & go to Africa, I do the best research, including our local zoo’s, to complete my work  –  usually sketch them live, but it draws to many people to watch me.
Seems your a nature lover that’s for sure.
Enjoy your print, good to know you own one of my pieces  & appreciate my efforts.
 Hope this helps in some way..
I wasn’t holding my breath expecting a reply, and was very pleasantly surprised when he responded so quickly to let me know what I asked him.
If you missed it before, you can find Ruane Manning’s website and art here.
Just for fun – here is my mother and baby elephant picture from 2012.  🙂
Mother & Baby Elephant
Mother & Baby Elephant

This was taken when I was driving from Letaba to Shingwedzi in Kruger National Park.

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