Out With the Old

I have been in my house for about 30 years now and my house is 114 years old.   I purchased a refrigerator and stove shortly after moving in when we remodeled the kitchen and got new to fit in.

The washer and dryer came after the next remodel when we added a basement to this old house.

The fridge was one of the first appliances to be replaced a few years ago, followed by the washer and dryer and now it is time for a new stove.

I guess I use the stove less often than any of the other appliances, so it seems natural that it lasted very close to 30 years.

The Old
The Old

Yesterday I took a drive out to Lockport Appliances (where I have bought all my appliances over the years) and I picked out a new stove.  There actually isn’t anything to choose from, since I need a small 24 inch stove and apparently only GE currently makes 24 inch stoves.  My only choice was self cleaning or me cleaning.

I spent today clearing room for them to be able to take the old stove out and bring the new one in tomorrow when they are going to bring it.

Oh – do you ever pull your stove out to clean under and behind it.  If you don’t, let me tell you that this is very scary.  It is amazing what can accumulate there – but it is all cleaned up now.

Chester and I saw a Wood Duck with just a single duckling on the Red River this morning.   I hope this is a different mother than I saw with 10 ducklings last week unless her other ones were nearby and just not with them.

Wood Duck & Duckling
Wood Duck & Duckling

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