In With the New

Saturday turned out to be a very busy day.

As usual, my friend Connie and I went out for breakfast.  Then we headed over to Best Buy to pick up her new computer.  I helped her get it set up along with her new printer and then had to leave quickly to meet the delivery guys from Lockport Appliances who were bringing my new stove.

For some reason, I had forgotten about my afternoon shift at work from 2-4 pm and had to phone Lockport Appliances right after breakfast to see if we could narrow down the delivery time from any time in the afternoon to either before 1:20 or after 4:10 pm.

They said they would see what they could do and that they would give me a call several minutes before they would be at my place.  I got the call around noon that they were on their way and that is when I left Connie’s place and headed home.

I found them unloading my stove from the truck when I arrived, so I opened the door to allow them in to remove the old stove and bring in the new one. They were in and out in a few minutes.

We had discussed alternate delivery dates when I phoned, in the event that they couldn’t meet my needs and I told them that this was entirely my fault and would accept whatever could be arranged.

I was so glad they could arrange to work around my amended schedule and get it to me though.

In With The New
In With The New

It a very plain looking stove, but I really like the digital clock and timer on it.  I also love that the stove top opens (like a car hood) to allow easy cleaning of the area under the elements.  They didn’t have those on my 30 year old stove.

I kind of like the knobs in the front like this too.  I didn’t like reaching over the elements and hot pots to turn the burners on and off.  I don’t have any children in the house to worry about them playing with the knobs in front – and since they have to be pushed in to turn anyway, they should be safe even if children come to visit.

The weather has been very wet for the entire month of June.  Rain, thunderstorms, showers – whatever you want to call it – we’ve had it.  We have had sudden downpours and the underpasses flood because the sewers can’t take it all in.  This morning started out sunny – for a very short time and now it has clouded up and it is looking like more rain.  The next time we are supposed to see the sun is Wednesday.

Here is a picture of the rough water on the Red River this morning because along with the sun – we got high winds.  But the sky was blue!

Rough Waters on the Red River
Rough Waters on the Red River

Chester was happy on our walk today because he found several bunnies to stalk.  I didn’t mind waiting for him because the wind kept the mosquitoes from biting.  🙂