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About a year and a half ago, I got my smart phone.  It was a Samsung Ace II – a nice little phone that could do much more than what I had any idea about.  I haven’t used it much – a few phone calls in a month and about the same number of texts, so I am well under the allowed limit for my plan.  Having it allowed me to get rid of my home phone, which only seemed to get spam calls.

The battery lasts about 2 days on a charge normally, but once I started using Sleep Genius (a free app), I started plugging the phone in every night so it would always be charged up.

On Sunday, I checked it more often than usual – just looking at the time, since I no longer use a watch and I wasn’t close to my computer or a clock.  I noticed that it was warm and also noticed that the battery level seemed to be lower than it should be.  Actually, the battery died about 9 pm, whereas it should normally be about 60 – 70% charged at that time of day.  I thought that was strange, but decided that I had possibly forgotten to have it charging overnight the night before.

I charged it up that night and it was 100% charged when I left for work at 9:30 in the morning.  I had plans to stop somewhere after work and as I parked the car, I heard the battery dead signal and checked the phone just in time to see it shutting down without power.   This was at 1:30 in the afternoon –  just 4 hours after it had been fully charged,  and the battery was dead.  Again the phone was quite warm.

I decided to head for a cell phone booth in Polo Park to see about a new battery.  I stopped at one, but they didn’t have batteries and suggested I go to The Source down the hallway.  I talked to a lady in the store about a battery, but when I handed her the phone, she said that it shouldn’t be warm like this and the problem is likely not the battery – but the phone itself.

She said she could sell me a battery for $30. or she could give me a new and better phone, along with a store credit for $100. or $125. depending on which phone I chose.  I had to clarify this with her a few times – so instead of me spending $30. for a new battery, I would spend nothing and get a new phone  (with a new battery) + money to spend in the store.

I would be able to keep my phone number (I sure didn’t want to go around notifying everyone of a new phone number), and if I traded in my old phone, she would give me another store credit for $50.  She gave me a choice of 3 phones.  I can’t remember the name of the first one, but is was a similar size to the Ace II, the 2nd was an IPhone (can’t remember what number) and the 3rd was a Samsung Galaxy S III.

I chose the Samsung one and that is the one that came with the $125. store credit, giving me $175. to spend in the store.  Two years of insurance on the phone took up some of that, and I added a micro card for the phone, a case for the phone, a screen cover, a car charger and a 7″ tablet. Almost everything was on sale for about 1/2 price for Canada Day so I got much more than I would normally get for $175 – and the insurance was about 1/2 the credit.  I also qualified to get a free month of service.

Samsung Galaxy S III
Samsung Galaxy S III

It looks very similar to my old Ace II, but is larger and has more power, better camera.  I just have to get all my contacts added again and find the apps that I liked to install.  I’m not sure why the weather app is saying it is 19C right now – it is currently 14C.  It was saying 19 this morning when it was 11C.

Speaking of weather, I sure hope they are right and we will finally see the sun tomorrow.  Everything is extremely waterlogged from days and days of rain in June.  This has to be the wettest June on record for this area.


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