Bump on a Log

Chester and I found a bump on a log on the Red River yesterday and I am sure it wasn’t there the day before.  This requires a zoom and a picture to see what we have.

Sometimes these bumps are really just bumps and sometimes they are critters disguised as bumps. 🙂

The Bump

The Bump

I had zoomed in on this bump before the first picture and you probably already have a pretty good idea what it is.

The Bump Zoomed

The Bump Zoomed

A very handsome Mallard Duck. is today’s bump. 🙂

If you were right, you can rest assured that you have won absolutely nothing.

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Hi - I'm Mavis Metcalf. I live in Winnipeg, MB, Canada. My addictions include Africam, popcorn and chocolate. I love all critters, I love to travel, I love to take pictures and I love to write about whatever comes into my head.
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  1. KLahey says:

    Have won absolutely nothing. Story of my life. Pththththth.


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