Cheetah Cam at Africam

You may have heard this somewhere before, but I am slightly addicted to Africam.  The newest cam is Cheetah Cam and it is set up at Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre (HESC) near Hoedspruit, South Africa.  This is one of the places I went to while in South Africa in August, 2012.

The camera was set up in a birthing area in a Cheetah’s  enclosure prior to the Cheetah (Meg) having her anticipated cubs near the end of July.  There was no guarantee that Meg would use this area, but luckily, she did.

On Saturday, July 26th, we were able to witness the birth of 4 adorable Cheetah cubs.  Meg is free to come and go from the birthing room and she does go out a few times a day.  Most of her day is spent inside with her cubs though.

It seems like the cubs eat almost constantly and are often squabbling over the best spot.  It is so much fun getting to watch them.  Meg gives them baths several times a day and will sometimes pick one up to move away from the others for a more thorough cleaning.

We can watch all day and night, but my schedule makes night time viewing pretty much all I can arrange.

HESC is the same place where Gertjie (Little G), the orphan rhino is being raised after his mother was killed by a poacher.  Little G is seldom seen during the African daytime since he is often off exploring with one of his keepers.  He does come into his room for a nap sometimes though.  He is actually free to come and go from his room at night too, and he spent much of last night outside enjoying the fresh air.  When Little G is not in his room, you might find the Sheep or a Zebra inside checking things out.

You can find the Cheetah Cub Cam here.

Meg and Her Cubs
Meg and Her Cubs

You can find the Baby Rhino Cam here.

Little G
Little G

If you check it out during the African night (from about midnight CAT to 5:00 am CAT (the African time is indicated under each cam), please check into the Boma (chat room) and say hi.