A Work Story

I’ve been working at this new job for just about 2 months now.  I have some regular clients where I spend 2 to 3 hours from once to three times per week.  Two of the clients live in different 4 story buildings – one on the 2nd floor and one on the 4th floor.

This morning, I was with the client who lives on the 2nd floor.  He had some errands to run, so we left and I drove him to 3 places where we got everything done and then returned.  We each had items to carry so we loaded ourselves into the elevator and headed upstairs.  When we got to his room, the door was locked.  He hadn’t locked it and didn’t even have his key.  There is a lock box by the door though – so he entered his code to get the spare key out – but that wasn’t working.  He tried it a few times and I tried it without success.  After a few minutes, he said maybe he should go down to the desk and get a key from the desk, so I said I would go.  He was going to keep working on it while I was gone.

The elevator on the way down acted strange.  It went up to the 4th floor before going back to the main floor – but the doors didn’t open at 4.

I got the key from the office and headed back, only to see the hallway empty when I returned, so he must have figured it out.  I went inside, but he was nowhere in sight and neither was the stuff we had brought home.  A couple of minutes later he came in with all the stuff and I asked him where he had gone.  That is when he told me that we had been on the wrong floor – the 4th floor.  Now, the elevator being on the 4th floor when I went down made sense!

The floors in this building are all exactly the same.  The walls, doors, hallways – are all the same.  I can’t remember which of us pushed the button for the floor, but I assume it was me.  I go to the client who lives on the 4th floor more often than the one who lives on the 2nd floor and I must have pushed it without thinking – but I simply don’t remember which of us got into the elevator first and pushed that button.

So – here we were trying to break into someone’s room.  The room numbers are beside each door, but when you don’t suspect anything, the obvious is sometimes missed.

I can’t put pictures of my clients up, but I took a new picture of Chester today to put in here.  He’s a senior too.  🙂




2 thoughts on “A Work Story

  1. Oh dear, I did something similar with a car and thank goodness the owner didn’t come back, not funny at the time, but later on you can see the funny side. Lovely photo of Chester, he’s looking well 🙂


    1. LOL blosslyn. I think a lot of us have done something similar at one time or another. It would really have been embarrassing to have been caught though. Chester says thanks (with his usual big sloppy kiss).

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