Leaves, Leaves Everywhere

The leaves are coming down and covering the ground.  Every morning I have to clear them off my car before driving (if I want to see where I’m going).  Of course, there are still 3 million leaves on my trees in the yard.  I don’t think 1/2 have fallen yet. Some Geese flew by when… Continue reading Leaves, Leaves Everywhere

Mouse Story – Final Version (I hope)

This story started back months ago when a couple of my daughter’s mice made an escape.  The first one out was a black one, who was spotted twice and never seen or heard from again.  Shortly afterwards a white one escaped and promptly made herself at home in my living room. If Chester harassed her… Continue reading Mouse Story – Final Version (I hope)

Red River

It is definitely fall/autumn here now. Trees are putting on their fall colours just before dropping their leaves to the ground and sunrise is getting a bit later each morning.  Chester and I have been too early to see the sunrise most mornings lately.  I have the time to adjust our walks, but being a… Continue reading Red River

Foggy Morning

Chester and I were met with a thick fog on our morning walk yesterday.  We could just barely make out the line of trees across the Red River. As he promised, Chuck came and took away all the garbage from his work on the sun room.  Because he bagged it as he went, it was… Continue reading Foggy Morning

It’s Finished

My Handyman Connection’s guy Chuck came back yesterday morning and finished fixing my sun room wall.  🙂  It looks so much better than it has all summer.   He also climbed up to the eaves and fixed the downspout, which is where the water came from that got into the a joint that wasn’t joined properly.… Continue reading It’s Finished

The Red River and the House

It looks like all the bushes are now planted along the Red River bank .  I took a closer look at a couple of the trees and it almost looks like they are  Elm trees – but I didn’t think they were planting Elms these days.  Wonder if it is a different type of Elm? … Continue reading The Red River and the House

Along the Red River and Back at Home

Yesterday morning’s walk with Chester along the Red River showed that several of the bushes have not been planted, but there are still many in pots.  I will have to see how things look there this morning. We also had a very quick glimpse of a Beaver.  It has been awhile since I’ve seen a… Continue reading Along the Red River and Back at Home

Red River Bank and Home Maintenance

The sun was up, but hadn’t made it past the clouds when Chester and I took our walk yesterday morning.  We noticed that workers had been busy along the riverbank where the roadwork was done last year.  Trees have been planted and by this morning, I expect that several bushes will also be planted.  Now… Continue reading Red River Bank and Home Maintenance

Home Maintenance

Way back in the spring when the snow melted, I found some damage on the side of my house along the sun room outside wall.  One of the pieces of vinyl siding was hanging down.  I went out with my hammer and a couple of nails to put it back up, but there was no… Continue reading Home Maintenance