The House

Although I considered that the idea of selling my home now had been closed, the agent obviously did not.  She contacted me a few days after I thanked her for her time but that I would not be selling as long as I have Chester.

This time she had an investor who wanted my house and he would be paying cash.  We would not have to have other showings and would not need an open house, but he would want to see it first.  I reminded her that I needed a place to live and she responded with a company that has several rental properties that take pets.

Again, the idea of not having to shovel snow got me to take a look at the places she mentioned.  But again, I read the fine print in the pet friendly to see that the maximum height of a dog is 15″ and that no caged pets are allowed.  In other words, neither Chester or Jewel could move there with me.

Instead of phoning her back, I sent an email telling her that once again, she wasn’t providing me with any options and I would not be selling now.  The next day I got an email from her co-worker with a link to a rental that she assured me would take both Chester and Jewel, because she had personally phoned that day and asked after describing the 2 of them.  This agent is not as pushy as the other one, so I believe her.  The place looked good, but there was no mention if there was a fenced yard in the back or if there was parking.  It was a house and otherwise seemed good.  Unfortunately there was no answer when I called and a few days later, there has been no response to my voicemail.

Then I replied to her email, thanking them once again for their time, but that I would not be selling at this time.  I told her that when I am ready to sell, I may give them a call.  At this point, I don’t want the pushy one – but would consider the 2nd one – or I may call a completely different company or agent when I am ready to sell.

I also advised her that I have contacted a snow removal business to get an estimate for the cost of having my snow shoveled or plowed without me having to do that.  I haven’t received the estimate yet, but may decide a better alternative would be to purchase my own snow blower instead.

Since I am staying here, I now have to get the side of my sunroom fixed before winter.  I have contacted 3 people/businesses for estimates.  One of them came today and the price is considerably higher than I was expecting.  Another one was supposed to come today, but I haven’t heard from him.  The 3rd one has not responded to the message I left them about an estimate.



2 thoughts on “The House

  1. Always an upheaval when moving to a new home. Glad you are staying put and your options for dealing with the snow sound good. I think Chester and Jewel will be happy you are staying put. That agent certainly sounded keen to get you out of your house. Probably desperate for the cash.
    Fan settling in but as yet have had not had the time to blog but will do as soon as I can


    1. Thanks Mary. I’m pretty sure the real estate agent was seeing dollar signs in her eyes and simply was not concerned about what I wanted or needed. I don’t need an agent like her. Glad to hear that Fan is settling in – can’t wait to hear more about her and so glad she is home again where she belongs. 🙂


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