Bunch of Stuff

The wild birds are starting to head south or at least flock together before heading south.  I am seeing flocks of geese everywhere.  I have also recently seen several Cormorants, a couple of Bald Eagles, a Kingfisher and unfortunately Robin sightings are slim now.  The Kingfisher in the city was a first for me.  No pictures, since he was flying and I would have wasted my sighting by opening the camera and trying to get a decent picture of him.  This way, I just enjoyed watching him.  Although I have seen an occasional Bald Eagle in the city, I either saw one twice at different times in different places or there were 2 different Eagles flying by me in the last few days.

Another branch has brown down from another tree on another street.  I wonder how long this one will stay before someone decides to remove it.

Another Branch
Another Branch

The area along the Red River where the road had caved in has had people working on it the last week or so.  I knew they were going to do something because they had left a gravel ramp and this week they brought soil to put down.

Fresh Dirt
Fresh Dirt
A nice Edging
A nice new Edging
Closeup of the nice Edging
Closeup of the Edging

No idea what is next for this location.

The Squirrels in my area had a very successful breeding season this summer and Squirrels are everywhere (including inside my walls).  Approximately every 2nd year I trap a few of them and re-locate them.  I have the trap on the sun room roof just outside my bedroom window and I know as soon as one is trapped.  This week I caught and moved 2 of the Red Squirrels, which are the ones who live inside my walls.  The Grey Squirrels seem content to live in the trees.  I don’t take pictures of them in the traps and they move much too quickly when I open the door in a new location to ever get anything other than a blur as they rush out to explore.  I keep trapping until I no longer hear them in the walls or it starts to get cold and they may not have time to store food where I move them.  Hopefully I can get a couple more before I shut down for the winter.

2 thoughts on “Bunch of Stuff

  1. I love it when you can see the birds flying south. I saw a couple of Kingfishers yesterday too. They move so fast and always seem to be so far away it’s hard to get a good picture of them.


    1. I would much rather see the birds flying north – not south. But since you don’t really get winter, it wouldn’t matter quite as much for you Erin. 🙂 I’ve hardly ever seen Kingfishers. I saw more in South African in 3 weeks than I ever have in Canada.


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