Fish Story

It has been a year and 4 months since I brought Freddy the Betta home.  He and the Tetras have been living in their 10 gallon aquarium since early March of this year.  The Tetras are a few years old.  I picked the aquarium up used and it has been great – until last weekend when the filter died.  It was a regular aquarium cleaning day and I cleaned the filter, but when I put things back together, the filter wouldn’t start.  It got hot so I unplugged it.  Over the next few days I tried several more times with the same result.

I didn’t have time for a trip to a pet store to get another filter, so in the meantime, I cleaned the aquarium every day or every 2nd day, replacing about 1/3 of the water each time.

None of the fish were happy with this arrangement.  Normally, Freddy would be up at his feeding spot as soon as I entered the room and at the very latest as soon as I turned his light on, but he wasn’t coming even when I opened the lid.  He ate a bit once in awhile, but was certainly not the little piggy he usually is.  The Tetras weren’t happy either and hardly seemed to touch their food.  They normally waited for the food to get pushed under by the filter water as they loved to chase it, but with no water moving, the food just sat where I dropped it.

I finally picked up a new filter yesterday!  The change in the fish was immediate.  Freddy started swimming around and eagerly came to get his food this morning.  The Tetras also were back to happily chasing after their food.

Freddy and the Tetras
Freddy and the Tetras

This was an older picture I took of them.