Mouse Story – Final Version (I hope)

This story started back months ago when a couple of my daughter’s mice made an escape.  The first one out was a black one, who was spotted twice and never seen or heard from again.  Shortly afterwards a white one escaped and promptly made herself at home in my living room.

If Chester harassed her too much in the living room, she would disappear for a few days and might be seen in the bathroom closet or down the basement before returning to her favourite spots in the living room.  Her best source of food was in the living room because that is where Jewel (my Congo African Grey Parrot) resides.

Several times Chester had her cornered and I was sure I was going to catch her – but she managed to sneak by and I’m sure I could hear her laughing as she scampered away.

I had a couple of live traps set up, but she would run over them and otherwise ignore them.  She had no fear and would sometimes run right over my foot while I was sitting at my computer.  When she was on the other side of the room from me, she would stop and look at me – knowing there was no way I could get over there to catch her.

She kept Chester very busy and he spent most of his day tracking her down, or at least trying to track her down.  I think he is in better shape from all the exercise she encouraged him to do.

A couple of months ago, I heard a rustle of the garbage bag that was behind my desk.  This is the bag where I put Jewel’s used paper when I clean her cage and I had just cleaned it the day before.  I’ve heard that rustle before and when I pick the bag up, she is just behind it and runs off while I have my hands full.  I was ready to pick it up and pounce on her (if you can imagine that).  When I picked the bag up, she wasn’t there and then I realized that the bag was moving.  She was IN the bag!

I took the bag outside of my back yard and I let her go.  Problem solved – I thought!

Three days later,I felt a mouse run over my foot and there she was.  Or – was it a look alike?  She stopped and made sure I saw her.  How – or why would she have come back in?  Did Chester find her and bring her back because he missed her?  Did she find out how the squirrels get in the house and came in that way?   I have never had a wild mouse in the house.

Back to square one, I put the live traps back out again and Chester started his hunting games again.

A little over a week ago, she decided that she was lonely downstairs when Chester and I went up to bed, so she moved up to my bedroom to spend her nights.  Now, Chester began sleeping all day and racing around in my bedroom after the mouse all night.

Chester was having fun and getting his exercise – but I wasn’t getting any sleep.  A couple of times, I even felt the mouse run across me on the bed.  After a few nights of no sleep, I went out and bought a couple of kill traps and set those up.  Three days later and they hadn’t been touched, and the night time action was still going on.

Two days ago, I heard the rustle of the bag behind my chair again and there she was inside the bag again.  I took the bag downstairs and put it in the aquarium where she had escaped so many months before.  When she came out of the bag, I removed it, put some fresh food and water in for her and put the lid on.  Then I came upstairs and put an ad on Kijiji for a free mouse and aquarium.  I had a response within a couple of hours and yesterday she went to her new home.

The Mouse
The Mouse

I guess in a few days we will find out if there are any more in the house.  I still have both the live traps and the kill traps set.  So far, Chester is not searching and was quiet last night.  It felt great to get a good night’s sleep!