Grey Squirrel

The squirrels are certainly busy little guys these days.  Thousands of acorns to gather up and store to eat later, along with dry grass to line and insulate their living quarters for the winter. I previously trapped and re-located a few of the Red Squirrels to get them out of my house, so the Grey… Continue reading Grey Squirrel


Things are not moving as smoothly lately as they have been, but I am sure everything will be on track again soon.  The main problem is my job, which unfortunately I need to survive.  One of my supervisors decided to remove me from one of my clients without any particular reason, except that he could. … Continue reading Things


This all started innocently enough.  I had a $50. gift certificate for Best Buy along with $15. in Reward Zone certificates, so I headed over to see what I could find.  Not having anything in particular to look for, I wandered around the store for awhile before deciding to pick up a FitBit Flex. If… Continue reading FitBit


This weekend is Thanksgiving in Canada, but my family is mourning the loss of Cheryl Malek (Panting) – my niece. Cheryl was born in Winnipeg on December 14, 1970 to my sister Sharon and her husband John Panting.  She was their first born and an absolute delight.  She was the only one, out of my… Continue reading Cheryl


Chester and I continue to walk to and along the Red River every morning and lately we have been going again most afternoons.  In the afternoon I haven’t been able to find anything to take pictures of because it has been cloudy, windy and cold though.  The sunrises have been promising with lots of blue… Continue reading Sunrises

Mornings on the Red River

It has been cool, cloudy and raining off and on the last few days making picture taking difficult.  I took some fall colours pictures along the Red River on September 30th – but they are kind of dull without the sun.  I took a couple of pictures of the sky this morning and there is… Continue reading Mornings on the Red River