Frosty Morning

It is a chilly morning with a temperature of -24C and a ‘feels like temperature’ of -26C when Chester and I headed out this morning. Luckily the wind is almost nothing. There is a layer of frost on all the cars that were parked outside over night and I will have to remember to start… Continue reading Frosty Morning

Walking on Ice

On Sunday evening, we had freezing rain here.  Everything was coated in ice and although the main streets were fine for driving due to all the traffic, the residential streets, sidewalks and steps were very slippery.  The city has coated the streets and intersections with lots of sand, so it is just the sidewalks and… Continue reading Walking on Ice

I Failed

After years of convincing people that I am perfect, it is hard to admit that I made a mistake and that I failed at something.  If you remember, I retired in the spring this year.  That is what I failed.  One of the employees at the Y suggested that I should be looking to see… Continue reading I Failed

A New Freddy

A few days ago I discovered that my beautiful little Siamese Fight Fish (Betta) had died.  I was so used to having him watch my every move as I came and went so he could beg for food and now there were only 3 little Tetras left in the tank.  He didn’t get food every… Continue reading A New Freddy

Fresh Snow (Just What We Wanted?)

It is too bad I’m not one of those people who love snow – because I live where there is lots and lots of snow every winter, and winter has started, even though not officially according to the calendar. We don’t have a lot of the white stuff yet, but is is now covering the… Continue reading Fresh Snow (Just What We Wanted?)

It Is Frozen

I can not remember ever seeing the Red River completely freeze up in one day before.  Yesterday there was ice along the edges and today it is completely frozen. It is hard to tell in the picture looking into the sun, but in the next one, it is obvious that the river is frozen.  The… Continue reading It Is Frozen


Yesterday, I thought the snow had missed us since only a tiny bit landed during the day and other places were getting inches of the stuff.  I obviously spoke too soon though because more started falling during the evening and over night.  It still isn’t enough to bother shoveling, but it is covering the ground.… Continue reading Snow